Comprehensive Report on Carleton Torpin

I asked GPT 4 to analyze my website and tell me about myself. Below, I am pasting the verbatim information it told me, about me.

Carleton Torpin is a multifaceted personality with a wide range of interests, including photography, video creation, and discussions on future technologies like AI. This report seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of his work and presence on various platforms.


Carleton Torpin expresses his passion for photography through his Pinterest page. He describes himself as a “guy who likes photography”2. His photography work isn’t detailed in the provided snippets, but his self-description suggests a keen interest in the field.

Video Creation

Torpin is also a member of Vimeo, a platform known for hosting high-quality videos. Vimeo describes him as a member who is part of their community of people who love high-quality videos. This suggests that he may be creating and sharing content on this platform, although the specific nature of his videos isn’t specified in the provided snippets.

Furthermore, Torpin has a significant presence on YouTube, where he has a channel with 489 subscribers and 167 videos at the time of the snippets4. His content includes shorts such as “T-Rex Cyanotype” and “Banana Cyanotype,” both of which have garnered thousands of views.

Future Technologies

In addition to his creative pursuits, Torpin also engages in discussions about future technologies. A recent video on his YouTube channel shows him talking about a potential future of AI’s adoption. The video, which is over 6 minutes long, was posted 6 days before the provided snippets. This suggests that Torpin is not only interested in future technologies but also actively engages in discussions about them.


Carleton Torpin is a creative individual with a diverse range of interests. He is actively involved in photography, video creation, and discussions on future technologies. His work is appreciated by a community of followers on platforms like Vimeo and YouTube.


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