Best Thin And Crispy Pizza Recipe

This is my go-to pizza recipe for thin crust pizzas.

This thin crust pizza recipe is based on the 1970’s “thin and crispy” from Pizza Hut. 

Try swapping up to half of the flour with a non-wheat flour, like like quinoa, or oat, or hemp.

You can pre-blend all the ingredients (minus the water) and freeze in a jar for many months.

You can parbake the thin crust pizza, and then store that parbaked crust in the freezer for topping later.

Top the finished pizza with all your favorite everything. 😀

“Camera” is Latin for “Room”

“Camera” is Latin for “Chamber”, or “Room”.

“Aperture” is Latin for “Opening”.

To make a room-sized camera, you’ll need a room with an opening that can let light in.

An 11-foot by 9-foot room will be the interior of our camera.

A 70-inch by 25-inch window is the aperture that controls how much light enters the room.

By darkening the room and placing various-sized holes over the window, we can begin to see an image of the outside world on the interior walls of the room.

The effect is similar that of a photographic camera… but this camera is large enough to also house the photographer within it.

Cycling through various window aperture sizes  (click or tap image to see comparison)

If we replace the circular window aperture with an elongated slit, we get different effects, as shown below.

Replacing the circular window aperture with a vertical slit  (click or tap image to see comparison)

To try this experiment yourself, you’ll need three things:

  • A room that can be darkened
  • A window
  • Cardboard with a hole in it, to serve as the aperture

Get the room as dark as possible, and then cover the window with the cardboard aperture.

Small cardboard aperture = dimmer but sharper image.

Large cardboard aperture = brighter but fuzzier image.

(click or tap image to see comparison)

To see the whole camera-obscrura-making process, including the totally-unnecessary math equations, here’s a video with basically the same content you can view in these gif images.

How To Fit A GIANT Pizza Box Into A Small Refrigerator

There are more than 20 pizza “giant pizza” restaurants in San Diego.

“Giant” pizzas are typically 28″ in diameter.

“Giant” pizza boxes are usually 30″ squares, which just barely fit through a standard-size 32″ door frame.

Unless you have a “giant” refrigerator, you may be unable to fit a “giant” pizza box into your fridge.

Solution? Scissors!

Fitting a Giant Pizza into a Tiny Fridge

How To Fit A Large Pizza Box Into A Small Refrigerator

Sometimes I bring home pizza, only to discover that the pizza box is too large to fit in my refrigerator.

One solution is to cut the large pizza box so that it becomes two small pizza boxes.

This technique is suitable for fitting 28” pizza boxes into a standard-size refrigerator.

This technique works for fitting pizza boxes into hotel mini-fridge units.

Coffee Grinder Comparison: Comandante and Hario

Does a $130 coffee grinder make better-tasting coffee than a $16 coffee grinder?

Short Answer: No, they both produce good-tasting coffee.

Long Answer: The grinder is just one aspect out of many that contribute to the quality of the finished cup of coffee.

Things I learned while performing this side-by-side comparison:

  • The Comandante-style grinder took 41 seconds to grind 21 grams of coffee beans and the Hario-style grinder took twice as long (90 seconds) to grind 21 grams of coffee beans.
  • Both grinders produced grounds that appeared similar BUT the grounds from the Hario-style coffee grinder took 45 seconds longer to finish brewing, compared to the Comadante-style grinder.
  • The finished cup of coffee from both grinders tasted great, despite the differences I listed above.

Does this mean that that your coffee will taste good regardless of the coffee grinder you use?


In my specific case, it’s likely that since both coffee cups were made using identical beans, identical brewing methods, and identical amounts of filtered water, the resulting coffee cups were largely identical.

Controlling variables in your coffee-brewing process is the best way to ensure a quality cup of coffee, morning after morning.

There was a time where my coffee-making process was highly disorganized and I would never be able to pour the same cup of coffee twice.

I wish to think James Hoffmann for his series of coffee-related YouTube videos; thanks to James’ videos, I’ve learned a great deal about how to make a consistently-good cup of coffee.

If you read all the way to the bottom of this blog post, it’s likely that you will also like James Hoffmann’s videos.

If you’re still reading all the way to the bottom of this blog post, then maybe it’s because you’re looking for links to the specific grinders I used.

Here are my Amazon Affiliate links to the grinders.

If you click the links I’ve included, I may receive a percentage of the sale.

If you prefer to avoid Amazon, try searching for “Hario-Style Coffee Grinder” or “Comandante-Style Coffee Grinder”.

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