Cyanotype Fabric Bags Are Fun!

These are my two newest cyanotype-on-fabric creations, both available on my Etsy store.

Large Cyanotype Bag – 17×14 Inch – on Etsy

Medium Cyanotype Bag – 13×10 Inch – on Etsy

These are DIY Cyanotype Fabric bags, which are ready for you to expose.

Each of these 100%-cotton cyanotype fabric bags are hand-coated with a light-sensitive cyanotype solution.

On a sunny day, you can place household objects onto the cyanotype fabric bag and their shadow will be permanently transposed onto the bag.

To finish the process of making a cyanotype fabric bag, you’ll simply dunk the bag in some tap water and let it sit for a few minutes.

Cyanotype fabric features a strong blue color in areas of sun exposure, and the original white color of the bag will show in all the shadow areas.

Your resulting blue and white Cyanotype Fabric Bag will be ready to use after it fully air dries, and these bags will become softer with time and usage.

Medium Cyanotype Fabric Bag for Sale
Example of a Finished Medium Cyanotype Fabric Bag
Large Cyanotype Fabric Bag for Sale
Example of a Finished Large Cyanotype Fabric Bag

My Auto Tracking Camera Is Following Me, And I LOVE It!

Auto Tracking Camera Comparison

I was recently introduced to this auto tracking camera which costs less than $100 and features 1080 (30P) resolution. The auto track camera is from a company called AiCOCO, and it was advertised as Mac and Windows only. I’m pleased to report that it works with Linux too; I plugged the camera into my Raspberry Pi 4, and it was immediately recognized as a camera.

Basically, this is an automatic tracking webcam, but it’s useful far beyond just video conferencing and Zoom calls. This auto tracking cam is instantly ready to be used with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) which can output to popular video streaming services like StreamPlay, YouTube, and Twitch.

Auto Tracking Camera Issues

Effectively, this is a tiny little robot camera operator that will tirelessly follow you around the room and he won’t ever get tired, so you’ll always be in frame… except for those times when the tracking gets confused, which happened a few times during my few hours of testing.

Tiny Auto-Tracking Camera from AiCOCO
Tiny Auto-Tracking Camera from AiCOCO

Overall, I think the video quality from this auto-tracking camera is impressive. I’ve output the 1080 30P video signal through OBS software and I think the end result is sufficiently high quality for web-streaming in 2022.

Zooming With An Auto Tracking Camera

I particularly like the flexibility of the zoom-in feature, which is activated by raising one hand and forming an “L” with your thumb and index finger.

Auto Tracking Camera Zoom Levels
Three Levels of Camera Zoom – “L” Hand Gesture Activates The Zoom

This will zoom the camera in about 25%, and if you keep your “L” shape held up, the camera will zoom in another 25%. Then it will zoom back out, in a similar fashion with the same gesture.

The gesture-based zoom quality was high enough that it was useful, but it was likely a digital-zoom, which leads to additional pixelation of an already cropped-in image.

Check out the “AiCOCO 2K Web Cam with Ai Auto Tracking” here on Amazon, via my affiliate link.

Half-Frame Photo Gallery

There’s a brand new 35 mm half-frame camera called The Alfie, and I’d like to be part of their beta test for the camera, so here’s a gallery of photos I’ve taken using a half-frame camera.

The following gallery of photos were taken using a “half-frame” camera, which shoots standard 35 mm film, but it shoots photos which are half as wide as a standard 35 mm camera.

Author’s selfie with Olympus PEN-F half-frame camera

Half-frame images are half as wide as a traditional photo and that means half-frame cameras can record TWICE as many photos on a roll!

The cost-saving benefits alone make half-frame a good choice for any photographer, but I also find that the smaller image size helps to highlight and enhance the natural grain of a film photo.

Enjoy this gallery of half-frame images which document some of the best places on Earth’s Northern Hemisphere.

Half Frame Photos – Color Reversal Film – Beach Town, USA

Half Frame Photos – Cross-Process Film – Vienna, Austria

Half Frame Photos – Black and White Film – Route 66, USA

Half Frame Photos – Color Reversal Film – San Diego, California

Half Frame Photos – Color Reversal Film – Diptych and Triptychs

Best Thin And Crispy Pizza Recipe

This is my go-to pizza recipe for thin crust pizzas.

This thin crust pizza recipe is based on the 1970’s “thin and crispy” from Pizza Hut. 

Try swapping up to half of the flour with a non-wheat flour, like like quinoa, or oat, or hemp.

You can pre-blend all the ingredients (minus the water) and freeze in a jar for many months.

You can parbake the thin crust pizza, and then store that parbaked crust in the freezer for topping later.

Top the finished pizza with all your favorite everything. 😀