How To Use ChatGPT to Turn Videos into Articles

How to Turn a YouTube Video into a Website Article Using ChatGPT

You can expand your reach & get more traffic to your own website by turning your YouTube videos into text articles, using Chat GPT.

By creating articles that are based on your YouTube videos, you will help your website show up more often in Google search results.

Here’s the simple process used to transform your YouTube videos into articles using ChatGPT:

Starting with a video on my YouTube account which we’ll use as the basis for this article, you’ll first begin by locating the “Transcript” option on the YouTube video.

Highlighting the YouTube Transcript
Copy the YouTube transcript from the video you want to turn into an article
  1. Copy the transcript text that YouTube automatically generates for your video.

    Capture Screenshots from YouTube video player
    Capture a selection of screenshots from YouTube video player
  2. Take 5-7 screenshots from different parts of the video to provide visual context.

    ChatGPT Prompt
    Upload the text and images to ChatGPT, and tell it what you want to make
  3. Paste the transcript and upload the screenshots into ChatGPT.
  4. Instruct ChatGPT to produce a 400-500 word article based on the transcript and images, matching the tone and style of the video.
  5. Take the article text ChatGPT generates and paste it into a new post on your website.

    Add your text from ChatGPT into your new article
    Add your text from ChatGPT into your new article
  6. Add the screenshot images into the article at relevant points, and embed the YouTube video as well.

    Copy the YouTube URL to Embed Into Your Article
    Copy the YouTube URL to Embed Into Your Article
  7. Publish the article on your site, ideally using the same title as your video for SEO
  8. Review and lightly edit the article as needed.

Creating website articles from your YouTube videos can provide several key benefits.

Creating new website articles will help to drive traffic to your own website, rather than solely helping YouTube, who profits from your content by selling advertisements.

On the left: a YouTube video + Text Transcript + Images

By having your content exist in both video and article format, you can reach a wider audience, effectively reaching video watchers AND article readers.

Before starting the video-to-article process, consider spending a bit of time to optimize your YouTube video’s title, description and keywords to be search engine friendly.

Use clear, descriptive language that includes terms people are likely to search for. That way, when you convert the video to an article, you’ll be well positioned to rank for relevant Google searches.

Our Article got 29th Ranked
Our article is the 29th highest-ranked Google organic result

As you generate the article with ChatGPT,  it will naturally attempt to stay true to the tone and style of your transcript. You can help ChatGPT by providing screenshots from your video; these still-frame excerpts provide the Ai with visual anchors, helping it to make sense of the transcript.

Once you’ve published the article on your site, be sure to add a link to YOUR WEBSITE in your YouTube video description. This creates a connection between the two destinations ,and provides your video viewers an easy way to navigate to your site if they want to read the article version or explore your other content.

YouTube vs You
Got a lot of YouTube content? Start turning them into articles for your website

If you have an existing collection of YouTube videos, consider working back through your catalog and applying this video-to-article conversion process to your old videos. This can be an effective way to revitalize your past content and give it a second chance to reach new audiences via search.

This tactic will double your reach. Peace.

By syndicating your video content into articles this way, you can attract visitors who prefer text content in addition to video viewers. This dual-format approach helps maximize your content’s exposure and search engine rankings with modest additional effort. Over time, this can compound into a significant source of additional web traffic for your site.


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