My Auto Tracking Camera Is Following Me, And I LOVE It!

Auto Tracking Camera Comparison

I was recently introduced to this auto tracking camera which costs less than $100 and features 1080 (30P) resolution. The auto track camera is from a company called AiCOCO, and it was advertised as Mac and Windows only. I’m pleased to report that it works with Linux too; I plugged the camera into my Raspberry Pi 4, and it was immediately recognized as a camera.

Basically, this is an automatic tracking webcam, but it’s useful far beyond just video conferencing and Zoom calls. This auto tracking cam is instantly ready to be used with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) which can output to popular video streaming services like StreamPlay, YouTube, and Twitch.

Auto Tracking Camera Issues

Effectively, this is a tiny little robot camera operator that will tirelessly follow you around the room and he won’t ever get tired, so you’ll always be in frame… except for those times when the tracking gets confused, which happened a few times during my few hours of testing.

Tiny Auto-Tracking Camera from AiCOCO
Tiny Auto-Tracking Camera from AiCOCO

Overall, I think the video quality from this auto-tracking camera is impressive. I’ve output the 1080 30P video signal through OBS software and I think the end result is sufficiently high quality for web-streaming in 2022.

Zooming With An Auto Tracking Camera

I particularly like the flexibility of the zoom-in feature, which is activated by raising one hand and forming an “L” with your thumb and index finger.

Auto Tracking Camera Zoom Levels
Three Levels of Camera Zoom – “L” Hand Gesture Activates The Zoom

This will zoom the camera in about 25%, and if you keep your “L” shape held up, the camera will zoom in another 25%. Then it will zoom back out, in a similar fashion with the same gesture.

The gesture-based zoom quality was high enough that it was useful, but it was likely a digital-zoom, which leads to additional pixelation of an already cropped-in image.

Check out the “AiCOCO 2K Web Cam with Ai Auto Tracking” here on Amazon, via my affiliate link.

Ghost World – A Visual Soundtrack

Ghost World is a movie from 2001.

It does not have ghosts, but it does have great music.

In this re-edit of Ghost World, I’ve removed all dialog and sound effects.

The result is a “Visual Soundtrack”, allowing the music to be enjoyed in a new context.

Jump to a song in the movie:

01 – “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” – Mohammed Rafi

02 – “Graduation Rap” – Vanilla, Jade, and Ebony

03 – “Disco Hippie” – Play

04 – “What Do I Get” – The Buzzcocks

05 – “Devil Got My Woman” – Skip James

06 – “Devil Got My Woman” – Skip James

07 – “Georgia On My Mind” – Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks

08 – “I Must Have It” – Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks

09 – “Scalding Hot Coffee Rag” – Craig Ventresco

10 – “Pickin’ Cotton Blues” – Blueshammer

11 – “Venezuela” – Lionel Belasco

12 – “Miranda” – Lionel Belasco

13 – “Solid As A Rock” – Ashford and Simpson

14 – “Las Palmas De Maracaibo” – Lionel Belasco

15 – “Theme From Ghost World” – David Kitay

Learn Animation In 45 Seconds

In 1937, Walt Disney’s Snow White employed 200 artists and cost $1.5 million dollars.

In 2020, you can make an animated movie using only your smartphone, for free.

Do you need any special tools to make an animated movie?

If you have a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet, you can animate.

Where should I animate?

Animate wherever you are.

What should I animate?

Animate something that normally doesn’t move on its own.

Why should I animate?

Good question! 😀

Please let me know your answer.

Recording Record Revolutions

This is a video experiment involving a vinyl record album.

The Question: what does it look like when an overhead camera rotates at the same rate as a vinyl record, playing at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute?

The Answer: it looks delightfully disorienting.

The smartphone camera recorded an overhead video clip of the record player from a fixed, non-moving perspective.

Later, in video-editing software, I set the video clip to rotate at the same rate, and in the same direction, as the record spun.

The Docking Scene from Interstellar features a similar visual, where a camera mounted in a fixed position is rotated to match a rotating subject.

Johnny Weir’s single ice skating performance, doubled.

I watched ice skating for the first time last night.

Great stuff.

I loaded up a 2006 Johnny Weir performance in Torino, at YouTube’s suggestion.

I crossed my eyes while watching it and -BOOM- there were TWO Johnny Weirs!

At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to use a video-editor trick to duplicate the effect.


Two Johnny Weirs for your enjoyment, AND you can keep your eyes un-crossed. 😀