What is the Matrix About?

Curious to know what “The Matrix” is about, but you’re short on time?

Click here for a 60-second summary of the story of The Matrix.

Below, you can watch The Matrix [Reduced], a fan-made edit of The Matrix.

The Matrix’ original run time is reduced by 80%, making for an easy, 35-minute watch.

The Matrix [Reduced]

If you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth your 35 minutes, here are a few reasons why to watch it:

The ‘Reduced’ version of The Matrix focuses on the main plot, so it’s perfect for newcomers who want to know “what is the matrix about.”

The Matrix [Reduced] is shorter than a TV show, so it’s a fast way to get the gist of “The Matrix.”

With fewer action scenes, The Matrix [Reduced] is more suitable for a diversity of ages.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like to watch The Matrix without it’s 5-minute shootout,” Lobby Scene”, then this is your solution.

Ok, But What Is The Matrix About?

Here’s a shortened summary of The Matrix, for the ease of those who prefer to read, rather than watch a video:

Summary of ‘The Matrix’

A man is contacted by someone who tells him the world he knows is a simulation.

The man is offered a choice: remaining ignorant, or learn the truth.

The man chooses to learn the truth, causing him to wake up in the real world.

The ‘real world’ has become a dystopian future and humans are involuntarily plugged into machinery that converts their bodies into batteries, for machine use.

The leader of a group of un-plugged humans explained that, in the past, humans created Ai, but eventually the Ai enslaved humans and it took over the planet.

The man undergoes training to learn various skills, and simulations allow rapid learning of complex abilities.

There is a prophesy which states the man is “the chosen one”, who will save humanity from the machines.

The leader, the man, & a woman all visit a wise figure, who tells the man he is not “the chosen one”.

Later, the trio are ambushed by powerful computer programs who appear human; the leader sacrifices himself so the others can escape.

The group’s leader is captured by the computer programs, so the man and woman mount a rescue mission to save the leader, who is being interrogated for access codes to the last human city.

During this, the man exhibits superhuman abilities.

The leader is rescued but their ship is attacked. The man is killed by a computer program, but the man is able to come back to life, indicating he finally believes in his powers, and is “the chosen one”.

The man defeats the computer-program agents, and declares he will show humanity a world without the machines’ control.

The Matrix (Concluded)

So, if you’ve read all of this, if you are still wondering “What is the Matrix about?”, it may be time to watch the whole movie for yourself.

Check out The Matrix [Reduced] here.

Enjoy your journey beyond the simulation!

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