How to Use AI to Make Coffee

I love coffee, and I love to improve my coffee-brewing skills.

Today, I asked Chat GPT-4 to guide me through the process of making a pour-over coffee.

The goal was to create the best possible cup of coffee using my Comandante grinder and a Hario V60 dripper.

To begin, I placed my phone near my coffee brewing-setup and started a conversation with Chat GPT-4.

I asked aloud “how can I ‘dial-in’ my Comandante grinder for a light-roast pour-over coffee?”.

How to dial in the Commandante coffee grinder for pour-over coffee
How to dial in the Commandante coffee grinder for pour-over coffee

GPT-4 audibly responds to my question, suggesting that I set the grinder to about 20-24 clicks from its zero point, which results in a medium grind to a medium-coarse grind.

I also spoke at my phone to ask” what’s the ideal coffee-to-water ratio for 500ml of water“; a voice within my phone recommended using about 31.25g of coffee beans.

How many grams of coffee beans for a 500ml V60?
How many grams of coffee beans for a 500ml V60?

With the grind size and coffee dosage determined, I asked my phone for “step-by-step instructions on using the Hario V60 to brew 500ml of coffee“. Here’s the resulting ai-created coffee recipe.

Coffee-Brewing Recipe & Instructions, by GPT-4:

Coffee Ingredients:

  • 31.25g of coffee, ground to a medium consistency
  • 500ml of hot water

Coffee Brewing (Pour-Over Method):

  1. Place your V60 over your carafe or mug and insert a filter.
  2. Rinse the filter with hot water to remove any paper taste and to preheat your V60 and carafe.

    First, be sure to rinse the filter with hot water
    First, be sure to rinse the filter with hot water
  3. Discard the rinse water, add your ground coffee to the filter, and start your timer.
  4. Pour hot water to saturate the grounds evenly for the bloom, using about double the weight of the coffee (60-70ml for 31g of coffee).
  5. Wait for about 30 seconds to let the coffee bloom, releasing the gases.
  6. After the bloom, continue pouring the rest of the water in a slow, steady spiral motion, pausing when needed to avoid overflow, until you reach 500ml.Pour the boiled water in a spiral fashion until 500ml is reached
  7. Let the water drain through the grounds completely, aiming for a total brew time of about 2.5 to 3 minutes.

I followed GPT’s advice and recipe, carefully executing each step. I admit, a few times, I wanted to do “my own” method that I’m more familiar with, but I continued doing what the machine told me, in the name of accurate scientific results.

As I watched the “draw-down” phase, I looked forward to trying out the resulting coffee.

The Draw-Down Process is soothing
The Draw-Down Process is soothing

I poured the freshly brewed coffee into my mug and took a sip.

To my delight, the coffee was excellent – it was at least as good as my usual brews. The AI had successfully guided me through the process, providing accurate and helpful information along the way.

We Made The Best Coffee with Ai
We Made The Best Coffee with Ai

In conclusion, using GPT-4 to assist in making coffee was a fun and educational experience. The AI’s recommendations for grind size, coffee dosage, and brewing instructions were spot-on, resulting in a delicious cup of pour-over coffee.

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