Using Ai-Tools to Create a Restaurant

I recently spent an hour utilizing AI tools to create a fictional restaurant brand called SimpliciEat. While the restaurant itself was just an arbitrary goal, the real purpose was to demonstrate how tools like ChatGPT 4 and AI image generators like Photoshop and Midjourney can help brainstorm and visualize creative ideas in 2023.

Ai-Depiction of Person Writing This Article
Ai-generated image that represents how the author of this article looked while writing it.

First, I opened a ChatGPT session and asked it to come up with a restaurant concept focused on healthy, simple meals with vegan, vegetarian and grain-free options. ChatGPT suggested the name “SimpliciEat” and described a minimalist, transparent design with green accents to convey freshness.

Animating the Various Layers
Building a 100% Artificial Image Using Photoshop’s Generative Fill

Next, I used Photoshop Beta 2023 in order to create exterior and interior images based on ChatGPT’s descriptions. I prompted Photoshop’s “Generative Fill” tool with a few words about exterior space where I envisioned the restaurant, and then I proceeded to select certain parts of that AI-generated scene and I added the build elements bit-by-bit.

Using Photoshop’s new “Generative Fill” feature, I am able to modify parts of the images by selecting an area and describing what I want the AI to generate there. This allowed me to refine the scenes with brighter lighting, added people, and other custom touches.

SimplicEat Basic Premise
Simple Font Choices Allow For Rapid Ideation

The entire process showcases how AI tools can facilitate ideation, visualization, and refinement when developing a creative concept. In just an hour, I could brainstorm a fictional brand, generate visual assets, and refine them to match my vision. The technology made it simple to turn an abstract idea into concrete deliverables I could use for branding or promotion.

100% Ai-Images of a Restaurant Lobby
Lobby of our imagined SimplciEat venue, 100% made using Photoshop’s Generative Fill.

While SimpliciEat itself isn’t real, this project demonstrated how AI is transforming the creative process in 2023. With the right prompts and tools, we can bring virtually any idea to life faster than ever before. I’m excited to see how I can use these emerging technologies for future creative projects and businesses.

Ai wrote a lot of this article, based on my human guidance and suggestions and editing.

You can view the entire chat-conversation I had with Chat GPT 4 and Anthropic’s Claude Instant 2 100k below:




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