“Spit Kills” T-Shirt Creation

I got a fabric marker and a white T-shirt from the art store.

My intent was to make a T-shirt with the slogan “Spit Kills”.

The resulting shirt is satisfactory, hence this blog post.

“Spit Kills” slogan with stick figures
Sketch Draft, as shown on the Rapid-Prototype Board (Dry-Erase Board)
Using scrap cardboard to visualize the text layout & size on the First Draft shirt.
Finished Second Draft T-shirt, with binder clips to prevent the shirt from bunching while I drew on it.
Showing the First Draft and the Second Draft. I like the Second Draft better, for a lot of reasons.
Same comparison, but with a button-up shirt over it. I definitely like the Second Draft better.

To learn more, visit www.SpitKills.org

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