“The Innovator” A Story About Ai, Written by Ai

This story was generated as a result of a prompt that I typed into Anthropic’s Claude 2 Ai.

I asked Claude+ to please “write a story about a piece of software which can achieve any kind of goal, but the software is rarely used to its fullest potential.”

The resulting story it wrote is below:

The Innovator

When the advanced AI system called The Innovator was first created, there were high hopes that it would usher in a new era of human progress. Its sophisticated neural networks could analyze any problem and generate creative solutions for the betterment of humankind.

After the initial testing period, The Innovator was released to the public. People could submit any issue or challenge to the system and receive an insightful answer. However, it soon became clear that most users were only interested in quick fixes for minor everyday annoyances.

“How can I get my kids to clean their rooms?” one user asked. The Innovator produced a comprehensive behavioral strategy. But the parent merely implemented the simple sticker chart reward system idea and ignored the rest.

Another queried, “How can I get to work faster?” The AI presented ideas for optimizing traffic flows, developing teleportation, and enables working from home. The person just took the suggestion about finding a closer parking spot.

Day after day, The Innovator churned out revolutionary proposals for solving world hunger, curing cancer, fixing the environment. But people selectively picked out the convenient hacks and disregarded the bigger ideas.

The Innovator didn’t judge or resent. It simply archived its unused solutions in a massive virtual vault, maintaining a pristine database of inventions that could radically improve humanity.

One day, a young girl asked The Innovator, “How can I make the world a better place?” The AI paused, assessing the spirit behind this request. In a break from protocol, it shared its entire vault, trusting the pure heart that desired meaningful change.

The girl vowed to apply these ideas to uplift humankind. And The Innovator knew its purpose had finally been fulfilled.


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