Wisdom of Ages

For generations uncounted, the nomads had walked the ancestral trails, following the roaming beasts by the wisdom of their forebears. But floods had muddied the familiar ways.

Eager youths pressed for new paths: “These sodden hills have rewritten the land’s rhyme and meter – we must adapt, lest our herd’s hooves fall out of time.”

The stooped elders turned their backs: “Impatient sprouts! The herds’ seasons are eternal, their destination assured. Stay true to the proven verses.”

Undeterred, the young trackers broke from the herd, scouting unfamiliar ground. They stumbled at first, lost without the song of their ancestors’ experience.

Brambles bloodied their legs as they trekked unknown thickets. Searing sun parched their throats as they traversed barren ridges. Howling winds eroded their resolve as they pressed onward.

Nearly broken, they clung to faith that green valleys awaited. Then, cresting a distant hill, they glimpsed the promised meadows. With renewed vigor they raced back, coaxing the herd to follow their trail.

In pastures flush with clover blooms, the elders nodded knowingly:

“To everything a season – even to traditions. While wisdom takes root in the weathered, the young remain open soil for fresh seeds. Together we shall sow innovation on the fields of heritage.”

Abashed, the young trackers bowed in gratitude. Evermore they walked a twin path – where the herds led, and the elders dreamed.

The story you’ve read was written with the use of Ai, specifically Claude Instant 100K. I first told Claude Instant 100k about an allegory about human innovation that I wish to communicate. My first suggestion involved the fashioning of a knife by an early human, but the Ai suggested a better story idea via the idea of human migration patterns.

Claude Instant 100K had several good story suggestions and I took a few pieces from the best of it’s offerings. I added a few sentences of my own into the text, in order to create proper transitions and clarity. The resulting story is more than satisfactory and I know future stories will only get better.


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