Ghost World – A Visual Soundtrack

Ghost World is a movie from 2001.

It does not have ghosts, but it does have great music.

In this re-edit of Ghost World, I’ve removed all dialog and sound effects.

The result is a “Visual Soundtrack”, allowing the music to be enjoyed in a new context.

Jump to a song in the movie:

01 – “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” – Mohammed Rafi

02 – “Graduation Rap” – Vanilla, Jade, and Ebony

03 – “Disco Hippie” – Play

04 – “What Do I Get” – The Buzzcocks

05 – “Devil Got My Woman” – Skip James

06 – “Devil Got My Woman” – Skip James

07 – “Georgia On My Mind” – Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks

08 – “I Must Have It” – Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks

09 – “Scalding Hot Coffee Rag” – Craig Ventresco

10 – “Pickin’ Cotton Blues” – Blueshammer

11 – “Venezuela” – Lionel Belasco

12 – “Miranda” – Lionel Belasco

13 – “Solid As A Rock” – Ashford and Simpson

14 – “Las Palmas De Maracaibo” – Lionel Belasco

15 – “Theme From Ghost World” – David Kitay

Learn Animation In 45 Seconds

In 1937, Walt Disney’s Snow White employed 200 artists and cost $1.5 million dollars.

In 2020, you can make an animated movie using only your smartphone, for free.

Do you need any special tools to make an animated movie?

If you have a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet, you can animate.

Where should I animate?

Animate wherever you are.

What should I animate?

Animate something that normally doesn’t move on its own.

Why should I animate?

Good question! 😀

Please let me know your answer.

Recording Record Revolutions

This is a video experiment involving a vinyl record album.

The Question: what does it look like when an overhead camera rotates at the same rate as a vinyl record, playing at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute?

The Answer: it looks delightfully disorienting.

The smartphone camera recorded an overhead video clip of the record player from a fixed, non-moving perspective.

Later, in video-editing software, I set the video clip to rotate at the same rate, and in the same direction, as the record spun.

The Docking Scene from Interstellar features a similar visual, where a camera mounted in a fixed position is rotated to match a rotating subject.

Johnny Weir’s single ice skating performance, doubled.

I watched ice skating for the first time last night.

Great stuff.

I loaded up a 2006 Johnny Weir performance in Torino, at YouTube’s suggestion.

I crossed my eyes while watching it and -BOOM- there were TWO Johnny Weirs!

At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to use a video-editor trick to duplicate the effect.


Two Johnny Weirs for your enjoyment, AND you can keep your eyes un-crossed. 😀