Half-Frame Photo Gallery

There’s a brand new 35 mm half-frame camera called The Alfie, and I’d like to be part of their beta test for the camera, so here’s a gallery of photos I’ve taken using a half-frame camera.

The following gallery of photos were taken using a “half-frame” camera, which shoots standard 35 mm film, but it shoots photos which are half as wide as a standard 35 mm camera.

Author’s selfie with Olympus PEN-F half-frame camera

Half-frame images are half as wide as a traditional photo and that means half-frame cameras can record TWICE as many photos on a roll!

The cost-saving benefits alone make half-frame a good choice for any photographer, but I also find that the smaller image size helps to highlight and enhance the natural grain of a film photo.

Enjoy this gallery of half-frame images which document some of the best places on Earth’s Northern Hemisphere.

Half Frame Photos – Color Reversal Film – Beach Town, USA

Half Frame Photos – Cross-Process Film – Vienna, Austria

Half Frame Photos – Black and White Film – Route 66, USA

Half Frame Photos – Color Reversal Film – San Diego, California

Half Frame Photos – Color Reversal Film – Diptych and Triptychs

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