Skateboard Cyanotypes

This series of cyanotype images have been created by placing several “army-men” skateboarder toys onto sheets of light-sensitive paper.

Many thanks to my friend, Jason, for his gift of five, tiny skateboarders… AND for helping to create this limited-edition series of Skateboard Cyanotypes.

Each cyanotype receives approximately 45 minutes worth of sunlight exposure; it then receives a bath in water, to start the development process.

The finished print dries in about an hour, and then it is ready to be mounted to the wall!

A total of Six cyanotypes comprise the Skateboard Cyanotype series.

Each of these limited-edition prints has been numbered and signed along its border, using a white pencil for the ultimate in sneaky accreditation.

Print #1 has already been claimed, by Jason.

Print # 3 has already been claimed, by me.

Print # 2 has already been claimed, by the San Diego Central Library.

Who will get the remaining three prints?

It could be YOU!

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