02 Oct

Creative Problem Solver

What does that title even mean anyway? While it’s true that everyone has the capacity to find new and original solutions to some of problems in their lives, sometimes the solutions to your problems are not obvious enough to find on your own. That’s where I come in. I help you break down walls. Not litterally, of course. (Unless you actually have a masonry project you need help with.)

Below are just a few of the solutions I provide:

  • Website ranking improvement
  • Business branding thru Social Media
  • Short-form web video production
  • Video editing

In short: I help with technical things. It would be an over-simplification to simply call myself a computer nerd. I’m a rare brand of techie who has the ability to talk with you at a non-nerd level which gets to the bottom of the problem you’re having. Then I fix the problem and get you back on track!

Take a look around this site to view some of my website design work. I’ve built a variety of sites for clients including eCommerce, Professional Resume and Service Providers. In addition to web design, I also work within social media to build an audience for your brand.

If you’re wondering what I can do to help you, I invite you to give me a call and we’ll figure it all out. 


Carleton Torpin