Learn Animation In 45 Seconds

In 1937, Walt Disney’s Snow White employed 200 artists and cost $1.5 million dollars.

In 2020, you can make an animated movie using only your smartphone, for free.

Do you need any special tools to make an animated movie?

If you have a camera-equipped smartphone or tablet, you can animate.

Where should I animate?

Animate wherever you are.

What should I animate?

Animate something that normally doesn’t move on its own.

Why should I animate?

Good question! 😀

Please let me know your answer.

Put A Pinhole On Your Smartphone Camera To Get Macro Closeups

Most smartphone cameras have a limited ability to focus on objects very close to their lens.

Place a piece of foil with a pinhole over your smartphone camera lens and it will be able to resolve images very close to the lens.

For more information on how this is working, try an online search for “pinhole photography”.

Regarding questions you may have:

-Any kind of needle will work, just be sure to twist it slowly as you press it into the foil.

-Any kind of foil will work, including candy bar wrappers (and mini peanut butter cup foils).

-Any kind of smartphone will work, with some smartphones showing more corner-darkening than others (this is called “vignetting”).

Some fun things to photograph:

– Your eyeball – Postage stamps – Sand – Pizza – Denim – Your mouth – Magazine Ads – Wood – Ants – Flowers – Fingers – Pizza – Snails – Water drops – Your nostril – Coins

If there is sufficient interest, I’ll provide a follow-up video with more specifics and examples.

Have fun with your new lens on life! 😀