Cyanotype Fabric Bags Are Fun!

These are my two newest cyanotype-on-fabric creations, both available on my Etsy store.

Large Cyanotype Bag – 17×14 Inch – on Etsy

Medium Cyanotype Bag – 13×10 Inch – on Etsy

These are DIY Cyanotype Fabric bags, which are ready for you to expose.

Each of these 100%-cotton cyanotype fabric bags are hand-coated with a light-sensitive cyanotype solution.

On a sunny day, you can place household objects onto the cyanotype fabric bag and their shadow will be permanently transposed onto the bag.

To finish the process of making a cyanotype fabric bag, you’ll simply dunk the bag in some tap water and let it sit for a few minutes.

Cyanotype fabric features a strong blue color in areas of sun exposure, and the original white color of the bag will show in all the shadow areas.

Your resulting blue and white Cyanotype Fabric Bag will be ready to use after it fully air dries, and these bags will become softer with time and usage.

Medium Cyanotype Fabric Bag for Sale
Example of a Finished Medium Cyanotype Fabric Bag
Large Cyanotype Fabric Bag for Sale
Example of a Finished Large Cyanotype Fabric Bag

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