How To Fit A GIANT Pizza Box Into A Small Refrigerator

There are more than 20 pizza “giant pizza” restaurants in San Diego.

“Giant” pizzas are typically 28″ in diameter.

“Giant” pizza boxes are usually 30″ squares, which just barely fit through a standard-size 32″ door frame.

Unless you have a “giant” refrigerator, you may be unable to fit a “giant” pizza box into your fridge.

Solution? Scissors!

Fitting a Giant Pizza into a Tiny Fridge

Self-Observation Self-Improvement

Yesterday, I did my work from home on an Internet-connected computer.

Before I began my work yesterday, I enabled the “Screen Record” function of the computer’s Quicktime app.

I took the resulting 1-hour-and-9-minute screen recording and sped it up, resulting in a 30 second video.

So, that was a fun experiment in recording myself as I do various visual-computing tasks.

Today, I began more work of a similar nature.

Almost immediately, I was distracted by trying to find the right YouTube video to play in the background while I work.

I decided on Spotify and then did some more photoshop work.

I then got the idea to record my screen again, because I realized I was being kept honest by the idea of observation via screen recording.

I was being kept honest and on-task because I knew I’d eventually have to review my own actions when I reviewed the screen-recording video.

If I dawdled while I worked, that would mean a longer screen-recording video would be recorded, and that would mean more future work for me, to have to edit the footage later.

The point is:

Start recording yourself while working.

See what happens. 🙂

P.S. Immediately before posting this, I had turned on Quicktime’s “Screen Recording” feature.

I intended to post the screen-recording video of my writing this post, at the end of this post.

Turns out I hadn’t turned on the screen-recording feature after all.

I was kept honest and on-task, for no reason.